Responsive Design

Sliders are responsive with Cross-browser and Cross-Devices support, fully compatible with Tablet, Desktop and Mobile.

CSS3 animations

Animation is done in CSS3 Transitions or jQuery and also supports jQuery easing plugin for advanced easing with adjustable animation speed.

Multiple Instances

Multiple instances are allowed on one page and different themes and options can be set without any conflict. Option to stop slideshow in other instances on slideshow starts in one slider.

Vertical and horizontal orientation

Slides can animate both vertically and horizontally in any direction including round movement.

Slide rotation

Slides can be randomly rotated or have slighly different positions to mimic the appearance of stack if no rotation is used.

Lazy load

Slides can lazy load images for faster page load. Each image will be loaded when slide is opened.

Multiple image sources

Slides can contain both normal and high resolution image and automatically change source on window resize. You can speify individual images for each slider or you can load folder of images with captions taken from image metadata.

HTML content

Load any HML content in slides with AJAX including iframes. Support for Ajax caching.


Optional slideshow with custom delay can randomly rotate slides in both directions (forward, backwards). Slideshow duration can be set independently for individual slides. Slideshow can be automatically paused on hover, when user enters slide with the mouse.

Slide controls

3 different type of slide controls (thumbnails, bullets, buttons) are available, plus swipe on touch sensitive devices.

Url link and lightbox support

Each slide can have url link attached or open lightbox which can show any content (video, images, iframes). Both can be attached to just icon or the whole slide.

Keyboard navigation

Optionally enable the keyboard keys to control the slider.

Query parameters

Control slider with query parameters. Open specific slide and focus slider in page through query parameters.

API methods and event callbacks

Player comes with built in full API support for controlling playback (toggle playback, jump to specific slide etc..) and support for custom events during playback (before slide change, after slide change, slide content loaded..)


Fully documented and step-by-step guide provided to help you get up and running with this slider.

Free support and Updates

Stack Gallery Slider is always under development, frequently updated and continues to offer more features and improvements with each new release. Stay tuned and keep in touch.

Different size slides

Each slide can be different size, and slides will automatically be centered.

AJAX content

Load content with AJAX in each slide. Also supports AJAX caching.

Any HTML in slide

Place absolutely any HTML content (Images, Audio, and Video) into slide sections.

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